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Hoshizaki Ice MachineAs our name suggests we include Ice Machines in our equipment range and as in all other areas we supply the best - Hoshizaki.

Hoshizaki ice cubes are just that - solid cubes of ice.  This means they melt more slowly than ice with holes and remain an attractive part of the drink for longer.

But we don't only supply Ice Machines, so whether you need Bottle Coolers, Cellar Coolers, In-line Chillers, Walk-in Cold Stores or any other kind of commercial refrigeration equipment, The Glasswasher and Ice Machine Company can supply high quality, reliable equipment.

As with our other catering items, we provide service far beyond the manufacturer's warranty and leasing from us means you don't need to tie up large amounts of capital.

Please contact us soon so we can discuss your requirements - you'll be amazed by our service.